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Spalding Wathen

Biography of a Visionary

Spalding G. Wathen grew up in Fresno, attended local schools, and built homes in Fresno beginning in 1950, following in his father’s footsteps. “Headliner Homes” came to be in 1953, and “Mansionette Homes” started in 1964. Nearly 60 years later, the Wathen family has constructed over 10,000 Mansionettes in the Central Valley. A Spalding G. Wathen original Mansionette is legendary in the Central San Joaquin Valley for its attention to detail. If it’s a well-built home, it’s most likely a Wathen Mansionette. Although Spalding passed away in 2005, his immediate family is proud to carry on the legacy of quality homes at reasonable prices. That’s the attitude Spalding brought to every home, which still guides his family three generations later.